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Presents from Chicken Cha Cha friends

Oh look what we received from our Chicken Cha Cha fans for Christmas!

Cute chicken! What shall I name this chicken? He looks like Cha Cha’s uncle. Hee Hee.  (Thanks Joshua.)

2015-12-16 11.58.26.jpgchicken cha cha fans1.jpg

Another present … cute Hiyoko Chan bus (Thanks LT). Hiyoko looks like Cha Cha’s baby brother! LOL.

chicken cha cha fans2.jpg

2015-12-21 12.46.00.jpg

And by the way, if you ask, yes, we do have our very own Chicken Cha Cha doll, the one and only Chicken Cha Cha handmade and customised by our  illustrator Debbi P.



chicken cha cha with star wars.jpg